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Seniors (age 62 and older): $17
Children (ages 2 to 12): $15
Children (under 2): FREE

Note: Ticket prices subject to change without notice.

Conservation Action

Picture of two Grevy's Zebras nose to nose at the L.A. Zoo

Help Save Grevy’s Zebras

With less than 2,000 individuals in the wild, Grevy’s zebras are in danger of going extinct in the years to come due to poaching and habitat destruction. Captive breeding programs may be their only chance for survival. The L.A. Zoo recently welcomed a group of four young Grevy’s zebras, and it’s our hope that by successfully integrating this herd, urgently needed offspring may be born to help save their species.

Today at the Zoo
Tuesday, June 28

Dinosaurs: Unextinct at the L.A. Zoo

Tickets $5 (in addition to cost of admission)


Off exhibit until further notice

Roaring Nights

Our summer music series, Roaring Nights, kicks off with a blast from the 1990’s past. Don’t miss it!

Calif Condor In Flight

The Zoo’s condor keepers have been rehabilitating these critically endangered birds since 1982.

Gorilla Kelly LA Zoo (Photo by Jamie Pham)

Did you know that over 16,000 species are endangered and facing extinction? Learn how you can help!

Picture of a Perentie monitor lizard at the LA Zoo

Don’t let this Australian monitor’s strikingly handsome looks deceive you—it’s one fierce predator.

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Species Survival Projects

The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens is committed to saving species worldwide. The Zoo has been involved in over 30 conservation projects.

With financial and situational support from the Zoo, organizations around the globe are working to save animals in the wild from extinction. Your donation makes it all possible!

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