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Conservation Action

Giant Otter Pup

Mission: Giant River Otters

Giant otters are increasingly disappearing in the wild. The L.A. Zoo’s captive breeding program has helped to insure their future on this earth. Watch our video, featuring Mia and her family, to learn how you can help our otters, as well as their wild born siblings in the Peruvian Amazon region.

Today at the Zoo
Thursday, February 11

Daily Talks & Presentations

Good Morning Flamingos, Seal Talk, World of Birds Show & More

Francois Langur Baby Tao and His Adoptive Mother at the L.A. Zoo (Photo by Jamie Pham)

Adult female François’ langur monkey adopts baby Tao after the loss of his mother during his birth.

Chimpanzee Grooming in Gabon (Photo by L.A. Zoo Animal Keeper Candace Sclimenti)

Go on a virtual field trip in Gabon with L.A. Zoo Animal Keeper and primatologist Candace Sclimenti.

Red Uakari monkey at the L.A. Zoo (Photo by Jamie Pham)

To celebrate the year of the fire monkey, we highlight the intelligent and playful red uakari.

Gerenuk Courtship (Photo by Jamie Pham)

Rules of courtship differ between animals, but the ultimate goal in the animal kingdom is survival.

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Conservation Programs

The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens is committed to saving species worldwide. The Zoo has been involved in over 30 conservation projects.

With financial and situational support from the Zoo, organizations around the globe are working to save animals in the wild from extinction. Your donation makes it all possible!

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