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Adults (ages 13 and older):
Seniors (age 62 and older): $17
Children (ages 2 to 12): $15
Children (under 2): FREE

Note: Ticket prices subject to change without notice.

Conservation Action

Two Mountain Yellow Legged Frogs at the L.A. Zoo Photo Credit Jamie Pham

M.Y.L.F. Recovery Program

Led by Curator of Reptiles and Amphibians Ian Recchio, the L.A. Zoo has been involved with a working group to help save the critically endangered Rana muscosa with a focus on reproduction. To date, we have reproduced more than 300 mountain yellow-legged frogs (M.Y.L.F.), 160 of which were released back into the wild.

Today at the Zoo
Wednesday, August 24

Dinosaurs: Unextinct at the L.A. Zoo

Tickets $5 (in addition to cost of admission)

Daily Talks & Presentations

Good Morning Flamingos, World of Birds Shows, Chimp Talk, Tasmanian Devil Feeding & More

Kikuyu colobus monkey exhibit

Closed until further notice


Off exhibit until further notice

Sumatran tiger walks in water at the LA Zoo (Photo by Jamie Pham)

Three-year-old CJ is slowly being introduced to his new mate, a two-year-old from Point Defiance Zoo.

Bali starling (photo credit Lori Rogalski)

The beautiful Bali starling, once thought to be extinct, is a critically endangered bird.

Tomistoma reflection (Photo by Jamie Pham)

It’s the first-ever World Tomistoma Day, so now is the perfect time to learn what exactly a tomistoma is.

African Painted Dogs (Photo by Jamie Pham)

African painted dogs, that is, were recently welcomed to the Zoo and their exhibit, near Gorilla Grill.

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Support Your Zoo

Madagascar Giant Day Gecko at the LA Zoo Photo Credit Tad Motoyama

Species Survival Projects

The L.A. Zoo is committed to saving species worldwide. The Zoo has been involved in over 30 conservation projects.

With financial and situational support from the Zoo, organizations around the globe are working to save animals in the wild from extinction. Your donation makes it all possible!

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