Gottlieb Center Facts

Marmoset Surgery

The Gottlieb Animal Health and Conservation Center is a 33,589-square-foot facility situated in a restricted area in the upper reaches of the Zoo.

Among other features, it includes a state-of-the-art intensive care unit, an on-site commissary, a surgical suite with observation area, and research facilities.

Animal Health Statistics

2013 Statistics

L.A. Zoo Total Animal Population: 1,100

Number Individual Animals Examined: 851

Number of Animals Anesthetized for Medical Procedures:
Reptiles: 20
Birds: 30
Mammals: 213
Amphibians: 1

Number of Fecal Samples Examined (of which 234 were quarantine animals and 134 were for pre-shipment testing):
Reptiles: 156
Birds: 95
Mammals: 454
Amphibians: 9
Fish: 1

Number of Prescriptions Written:
Reptiles: 121
Birds: 441
Mammals: 1,915
Amphibians: 15
Fish: 1

Number of Blood Samples Tested:
Reptiles: 84
Birds: 562
Mammals: 724
Amphibians: 8

Number of Medical Records Written:
Mammals: 5,716 for 441 animals
Birds: 1,364 for 209 animals
Reptiles: 939 for 165 animals
Amphibians: 72 for 21 animals
Fish: 20 for 14 specimens

Animals Radiographed: 400

Smallest Patient Treated: Poison arrow frog: 0.2 grams

Largest Patient Treated: Billy, the Asian Elephant:13,349.6 pounds


Advanced Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRIs):7

Staff: Four full-time and one part-time veterinarians; four full-time veterinary technicians; one full-time and one part-time quarantine animal keeper; one Western University liaison/animal keeper; one full-time and one part-time clerical assistant.

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