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Amazon, Yellow-Naped

Scientific Name: Amazona auropalliata

Bluffing Amazon

During adolescence, these birds are known to go through a “bluffing” stage in which they become abnormally hostile toward humans and other animals. This section of life is characterized by aggressive lunging, hissing, barking, and biting that may be spurred by hormonal increases as the juvenile bird transitions into a full-grown adult. This behavior especially occurs with birds that are held in captivity due to the constant, undesired human interaction during this turbulent, hormonal period. Though they may seem hard to handle during this short period of time, these birds are generally well-mannered and very intelligent, making a great pet for owners willing to stick through the rough, and possibly dangerous, times.

The yellow-naped Amazon is listed as of Least Concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

This parrot makes its home in the tropical forests ranging from southern Mexico down to northern Costa Rica.

Like most parrots, the typical diet of the yellow-naped Amazon is comprised of fruits, nuts, and seeds that can be found throughout the rainforest.

The yellow-naped Amazon is about 15 inches long. It is almost completely neon green except for yellow coloring on the top of its head and on the lower part of the nape (or back of its neck), the colorful trait from which its name is derived. Besides the apparent yellow and green coloring, there are also streaks of red in the predominantly green wings. The beak of this bird is grey and fades in color as it approaches its base.

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