Animal Facts

Nubian Goat

Scientific Name: Capra hircus hircus anglo_nubian

Fast Fact:

If you think a goat is looking at you funny, it’s because their eyes have horizontal pupils which give them a wide range of peripheral vision to detect predators.

Nubian Goat

Goats are social animals which prefer to live with other goats. There is a hierarchy among the animals with males butting heads to seek a higher status. Because they are domesticated, goats have also learned to interact with humans and dogs.

STATUS: Nubian goats are a domestic breed that is primarily raised for milk production.

HABITAT: Because these animals are domesticated, there are no wild populations. They are named for their region of origin, Nubia, in Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan. Also called Anglo-Nubians, the goats were bred in England from the African goats along with Indian and British breeds.

DIET: Goats are browsers and eat grasses and shrubs. They are fed hay and grain. These animals are ruminants, meaning that their stomach has four chambers. This allows them to chew their food quickly, useful if predators are around, and then store it for more chewing and digestion at a later time.

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Nubians have long, bell-shaped ears that hang down below their faces. These dangling ears helped the animals keep cool in their hot native Africa by dissipating heat from blood vessels in the ear. They have short, glossy hair that comes in a variety of colors ranging from black, tan, red and white and with a wide range of patterns. Males have longer and rougher coats than females. They may have horns or be polled (hornless). Nubians are one of the tallest and heaviest breed of goat with the average female (doe) weighing about 130 pounds and the male (buck) weighing 175 pounds or more. An adult female is about 30 inches in height while males are approximately 35 inches tall.  These animals live an average of 10 to 14 years.

That's a Lot of Milk!

Goats’ milk is easier to digest than cows’ milk and the Nubian goats’ milk is a high-quality, high-butterfat liquid that can be used to make ice cream, yogurt, cheese and butter. Female Nubians can produce 1,500 pounds of milk per year.

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