Happy Birthday, Betty!


Betty & Snake by Jamie Pham
Thank you for joining us in celebrating Betty White’s 92nd birthday by making a donation to one of her favorite conservation programs, supported by the Los Angeles Zoo. 
The landmark program to mitigate human/elephant conflict in Cambodia has been at the heart of the Los Angeles Zoo's efforts to preserve these amazing animals, which are among Betty's favorite species on Earth! 




FFI Elephant Conservation in CambodiaThe Asian elephant is endangered. Elephants have been hunted illegally for their tusks (ivory), and much of their habitat has been destroyed. Scientists estimate that there are 35,000 wild elephants left in Asia. The Los Angeles Zoo has aided Fauna & Flora International’s (FFI) efforts to conserve Asian elephants in Cambodia.  The Zoo’s contributions to FFI have had a hand in changing the way elephants are treated and dealt with, and has helped preserve their habitat in Cambodia, specifically in the Cardamom Mountains.  When you visit the Elephants of Asia exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo you will have the opportunity to see these magnificent animals and learn to appreciate how important their survival is dependent on humankind.

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