Outreach Programs

Classroom SafariClassroom Safari

California Caretakers
Explore the unique aspects of the animals, plants, and habitats of California, while learning a strong conservation message. A Los Angeles Zoo docent will visit your classroom with slides and biofacts that describe several California biomes and explore the monarch butterfly migration routes in our beautiful state. This is a one-hour presentation.

School Safari
Host a Los Angeles Zoo docent in your classroom for a slide presentation. Choose from: Why Zoos?, Meet the Reptiles, Endangered Species, Predator-Prey Relationships, Monkeys and Apes, Wildlife in the City (2 sessions), Animal Parenting. You may select 1-5 topics or suggest a new topic and a presentation will be prepared for you. Each topic requires a one-hour presentation.

Biomes of the World
See slides and a variety of biofacts while exploring some of the Earth’s major biomes (habitats). The far north (tundra), deserts, savannahs (grasslands) and tropical rain forests are brought to life by a Los Angeles Zoo docent. You may select 1-4 of the Biomes---perhaps using the presentation of one as an example, and then having the children research the others. Each Biome requires a one-hour presentation. A one-session summary of all 4 biomes is also available.

To sign up for a Classroom Safari, please call the L.A. Zoo Docent Office at (323) 644-4702 or email docents@lazoo.org.
There is no charge for this program.

Speakers Bureau

Host a Los Angeles Zoo docent presentation! Docents will speak on a variety of topics with the aid of Power Point presentations and biofacts. Choose from:

  • Animal Parenting
  • Predator-Prey Relationships
  • Woo at the Zoo (especially timely for Valentine’s Day)
  • Monkeys and Apes
  • Why Zoos Matter
  • Wildlife in the City
  • Meet the Reptiles
  • California Condor Recovery Program
  • Endangered Species
  • California Caretakers

Or you may suggest your own topic and our docents will customize a presentation especially for your group.

For more information, please call the L.A. Zoo Docent Office at (323) 644-4702 or email docents@lazoo.org. There is no charge for this program.


Special Needs Outreach ProgramSpecial Needs

The Special Needs Outreach Program is specifically created to reach out to individuals who cannot easily visit the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Our trained docents will bring small, live animals and other touchable items to your facility. This program is specially designed for an audience located at schools having classrooms for children with disabilities, hospitals, daycare centers (adult and children), and nursing homes.

Using the outreach vehicle, our docents will come to your location. This program is about 30 minutes long and is tailored to the abilities of the audience. Audience members will meet some wild creatures and discover how they adapt and thrive within a complex habitat. The docents will explain the unique aspects of the animal's adaptations, behavior, diet, and abilities. The discussions are designed to be participatory and tactile.

These visits are subject to availability and completely free to your organization.

To answer your questions or to make a reservation, contact the Los Angeles Zoo Special Needs Outreach Program by calling the Docent office at (323) 644-4702, or by sending an email to docents@lazoo.org.

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