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The National Geographic Photo Ark Exhibition at the L.A. Zoo

See what we can #SaveTogether before it’s too late

Event Snapshot

Daily, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Locations throughout the Zoo
Ends February 25, 2018

Free with paid admission or GLAZA membership.

“This is the best time ever to save species because so many need our help.”

-Joel Sartore

The interaction between animals and their environments is the engine that keeps the planet healthy for all of us. But for many species, time is running out. When you remove one, it affects us all.

The National Geographic Photo Ark is a multiyear effort to raise awareness of and find solutions to some of the most pressing issues affecting wildlife and their habitats. Led by National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore, the project aims to document every species living in the world’s zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, inspire action through education, and help save wildlife by supporting on-the-ground conservation efforts.

“I want to get people to care, to fall in love, and to take action.”

-Joel Sartore

Visit the Zoo today to experience an exhibition of Sartore’s Photo Ark works – many of them captured right here – at kiosks throughout the grounds. Along with the breathtaking images, you’ll find fascinating details about each species, what makes them unique, and the risks they face in the wild.

We’re proud to partner with National Geographic on sharing this Photo Ark exhibition with our visitors. It’s part of our commitment to saving species – here at home and around the globe – through awareness, advocacy, and action.

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Where to find the Photo Ark at the L.A. Zoo:

Map of Photo Ark locations in the Zoo

Look for the large kiosks in Entry Plaza, at the Sea Life Cliffs upper viewing area, in the International Marketplace, near the entrance to the Winnick Family Children’s Zoo, across from the trumpeter swans, along the arroyo between the two LAIR buildings, and at Treetops Terrace.

Photo Ark Conserving Species Data Collection Sheet

Before your visit, download and print the Photo Ark Conserving Species data collection sheet to bring with you. While you’re here, fill out the form with information about the animals you encounter, just as a conservation scientist would in the field.

Help spread the word.

During and after your visit, help raise awareness of this important initiative by taking a selfie with your favorite animal image and sharing it on social media using #SaveTogether.


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