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Masai Giraffe Animal Naming Opportunities ($1,000 - $50,000)

The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association is proud to offer groups and individuals an opportunity to name a Zoo resident.

A program of imperial distinction, the animal naming program provides groups and individuals an opportunity to develop a deeper connection with a Zoo resident while supporting the Zoo's animal acquisition fund, which promotes vital wildlife preservation and breeding projects here and around the world.

Express your commitment to the Zoo's important conservation programs, enhance your next Zoo visit, consider naming an animal to honor a loved one, or commemorate an important occasion when you name a L.A. Zoo resident.

Many animals are available for naming with donations commensurate with the animal species chosen. Please check for availability.

Donors with L.A. Zoo "namesakes" receive the following privileges:

  • Opportunity to name your "wild child"
  • Recognition in Zooscape, the Zoo's monthly newsletter
  • Recognition in Zoo publications when your animal is featured  
  • Official certificate and photograph
  • Commemorative plaque presentation ceremony and VIP tour, with a visit from your animal's care staff

Greater FlamingoNew Name an Animal Program Members

  • Jack: A meerkat named in honor of little Jack Felix Frederick
  • SOFIE: A Masai giraffe named by Robert "Bob" McMillan in honor of his great-granddaughter Sofie
  • Dauna Borska: A flamingo, named in honor of her life love, her aunts, uncles, and cousins
  • Fenster: A Pacific Western rattlesnake, named by an anonymous donor
  • Doreen: A gila monster, named by an anonymous donor
  • Adria: A Masai giraffe named by Robert "Bob" McMillan in honor of Adria McMillan
  • Barry & Linda: Two flamingos named in honor of Barry Shapiro & Linda Gill; a gift from NHHS Zoo Magnet Class of 1991
  • Bosco Orangina Berani: An orangutan named by Angela Janklow and Family
  • Tom and Gerry: Snow leopards named by Gail and Gerald Oppenheimer
  • Wiley Heran & Alyce Ratu: Sumatran tigers named by Gail and Gerald Oppenheimer
  • Mel: A Masai giraffe named by Melan Hall
  • Glenda: A Western lowland gorilla named by Ann & Jerry Moss
  • Yoda: A radiated tortoise named in honor of Lynne Richter
  • Harriet: A Masai giraffe named in honor of Harriet Bookstein

Contact Information

For Naming Opportunities, please contact the Development Division at (323) 644-6035.

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