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Wild for the Planet

This year’s event promises to be more festive than ever as we mark our 50th Anniversary. Running from Earth Day (April 22) through Endangered Species Day (May 19), we’re putting a spotlight on conservation every day for a whole month. Weekends are even more special, with fun, informative activities, shows, and presentations that will inspire as well as entertain.

Event Snapshot

April 22 (Saturday) – May 19 (Friday)
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Free with paid admission or GLAZA membership.

Join our “ZooLAbration” of this precious planet and all its rich biodiversity.


WILDLIFE CONSERVATION: Get new insight into the Zoo’s efforts to protect endangered and threatened species with a #SAVINGSPECIES guide distributed daily, and special animal enrichment and keeper presentations on weekends.


ANIMAL CARE: Did you know that accredited zoos like ours are uniquely qualified to lend scientific expertise that’s vital to global efforts to save wildlife? It’s true! Through the daily care of animals, our staff develop knowledge and skills in areas such as animal biology, behavior, nutrition, and genetics that are invaluable to efforts to safeguard species in the wild. Learn more at animal care presentations featuring special feedings twice daily on weekends.

GREEN INSPIRATION: Learn what you can do to defend natural resources and promote biodiversity at our Earth Expo. Visit the Planting for Pollinators station to discover the importance of native flora to our local ecosystem and plant wildflowers of your own!

CONSERVATION STATIONS: While exploring the Zoo, stop by these stations to discover what we do to protect and restore species in our care, and how you can help.

PUPPETS FOR THE PLANET: Catch Swazzle’s interactive puppet show “Ricky Raccoon and the Green Rangers,” which is inspired by our work with California condors. Together with the Green Rangers, kids will be called upon to help “Conrad the Condor” in this fascinating and funny adventure.

ECO ACTIONS: Visit the “Planet Promise” station to learn what actions Zoo staff take to minimize their environmental footprint, and declare your own promise for the planet.

ZOOLABRATE!: Join the 50th Anniversary ZooLAbration with this all-new, spectacular acrobatic show.

Eco Action

Recycle Handheld Electronics Through ECO-CELL

As part of this celebration, we’re raising awareness of an environmentally responsible electronics recycling program called ECO-CELL, which benefits wildlife in several ways. In Africa, gorilla habitats are being destroyed by the mining of minerals that are used in the manufacture of handheld devices. Recycling devices reduces the demand for these minerals, which reduces mining and keeps toxins out of the environment. Plus, ECO-CELL donates a portion of the proceeds from zoo-based recycling programs like ours to conservation nonprofits such as Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education (GRACE), which is working to save the critically endangered Grauer’s gorilla.

So before heading to the L.A. Zoo, take an inventory of your handheld electronics, including cell phones, MP3 players, handheld games, e-readers, and portable hard drives. Bring in any unwanted items for donation and drop them in the ECO-CELL bin. It’s a great way to show that you’re “wild for the planet.” Thank you!

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