Los Angeles Zoo Receives Disney Conservation Grant

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September 4, 2013

Javan-Warty-Pigs-by-Cikananga-Conservation-Breeding-CenterFunds to help the Endangered Javan Warty Pigs in Indonesia

The Los Angeles Zoo has been awarded a $19,000 grant from the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF). The conservation grant recognizes the Los Angeles Zoo’sinvolvement with the Javan Warty Pig Recovery Project in Indonesia.

“We are very honored and thankful for Disney’s support of our efforts with the Javan Warty Pig Recovery Project,” said Zoo Director John Lewis. “We pride ourselves in our mission to help animals that are in need whether they reside here at the Zoo or are found in the wild.”

The Javan Warty Pig Recovery Project was initiated by the Los Angeles Zoo in partnership with Zoologische Gesellschaft Arten-und Populationsschutz e.V. (ZGAP), a non-profit society dedicated to the conservation and recovery of lesser known and globally threatened species. The Javan warty pig currently lives on the Indonesian island of Java and are not kept in captivity anywhere outside of Indonesia. The major cause of the species decline is habitat destruction in the form of deforestation and hunting. The Los Angeles Zoo and ZGAP worked together to establish a breeding center in 2006 at the Cikananga Conservation Breeding Center, a former Gibbon Foundation Rescue Center. Success was achieved late last year when the first piglets were born and then again when another set of piglets was born this year. With the support of Disney and the grant from DWCF, the Los Angeles Zoo is able to further their efforts of raising awareness through community engagement and education and ensuring survival of this highly endangered species by relocating the pigs to a secure habitat for re-introductions back to the wild.

The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund works to protect species and habitats, and connect kids to nature to help develop lifelong conservation values. Since its founding in 1995, DWCF has supported more than 1,000 conservation programs in 112 countries. For information on Disney’s commitment to conserve nature visit: www.disney.com/conservation.

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