L.A. Zoo Introduces Hippopotamus Pair in Time for Valentine’s Day: Guests Can Now View These New Companions Together in Their Habitat!

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February 14, 2014

lazoo-hippoWhile Cupid is busy today bringing people together through flowers and candy, Zookeepers at the Los Angeles Zoo are working on a different kind of love connection – a friendship between two hippopotamus. On Wednesday, Feb. 12, 3-year-old male, Adhama, and 10-year-old female, Mara, were introduced to each for the first time in the same habitat, and the results were nothing short of animal magnetism.

“The introduction went very well,” said Jeff Holland, Curator of Mammals at the Los Angeles Zoo,“They were immediately interested in each other. This is the first time in several years we have introduced a pair of hippos here at the Los Angeles Zoo. So far we haven’t seen any aggression, and we think they will make great companions.”

Mara, who is from the Topeka Zoo, arrived at the Los Angeles Zoo on December 16, 2013 with the hope of being a potential companion for Adhama. Upon arrival she lived in an adjoining habitat that allowed the two hippos visual access to each other until they were ready for an introduction. Zookeepers also switched the hippo’s habitats on occasion, so they could get used to each other’s scents in their environment.
lazoo-hippo2On the day of the big introduction, Zookeepers waited until Mara was swimming in the pool before they allowed Adhama to have access to the habitat. Once Adhama entered, Mara, the older and larger of the two, immediately got out of the pool and curiously approached him. The pair spent the remainder of their day interacting together and swimming in the pool.

While Mara and Adhama aren’t considered a breeding pair, the hippos are proving that sometimes love comes in many forms. And, this relationship looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Zoo guests can now enjoy viewing Adhama and Mara in their habitat as they get better acquainted.

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