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“Lions, Tigers & Romance, Oh My! The LA Zoo Celebrates Its 50th Year Entertaining Animal Lovers of All Stripes” – April 10, 2017

If you’re on the prowl for a fun and engaging date destination, come to the LA Zoo to explore hundreds of animal enclosures and attend dynamic educational events.

“L.A. Zoo Makes Room for Ziggy the Totally Adorable Seal Pup” – January 24, 2017

The harbor seal was discovered stranded close to a rocky stretch of coast last February, with her umbilical cord still attached.

News Archive

“Photos! Video! KPCC journos face their fears at the LA Zoo’s Boo at the Zoo”
89.3 KPCC – October 5, 2016

“Tributes to Prince and Bowie at 80s Night in September for LA Zoo’s Roaring Nights”
Los Angeles Patch – September 16, 2016

“LA Zoo: Free Admission for Military Personnel on Friday, September 2”
Macaroni Kid – September 1, 2016

“7 Things To Do In Los Angeles With Kids This Weekend”
Moms LA – August 31, 2016

“World Elephant Day at the L.A. Zoo”
KABC-LA – August 11, 2016

“Let Them Roar: The Los Angeles Zoo’s Roaring Nights”
Diversions LA – August 6, 2016

“Brew at the Zoo among food events in the Los Angeles area”
Los Angeles Daily News – August 2, 2016

“This LA Zoo Event Lets You Drink Craft Beer With Exotic Animals”
Foodbeast – August 2016

“13 Excellent Things To Do This Weekend, 7/28”
Los Angeles Magazine – July 28, 2016

“L.A. Zoo Docent Program”
LA This Week – July 26, 2016

“Seven baby diabloceratops dinos “hatch” at Unextinct at the L.A. Zoo”
Macaroni Kid – July 16, 2016

“Country music at the L.A. Zoo during ‘Roaring Nights'”
Los Angeles Times – July 8, 2016

“The Guide to the Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens”
Discover Los Angeles – July 1, 2016

“The L.A. Zoo Has Three New Members”
KABC 7 – June 30, 2016

“Endangered African Painted Dogs Welcomed at Los Angeles Zoo”
NBC Los Angeles – June 30, 2016

“Animal Magnetism!”
Daily Mail – June 12, 2016

“Zoo Rules”
L.A. Parent – June 2016

“Have a Hippo Encounter at the L.A. Zoo”
L.A. Parent – May 2016

“Beyond the Tinsel”
Delta Sky – May 2016

“Spring 2016: New baby animals to find at zoos across the USA”
USA Today – May 20, 2016

USA Today shares snaps of the cutest babies in zoos across the USA, including our very own Black duiker antelope. Rayne is the first animal born in 2016 at the Zoo.

“Birds of a Feather”
The Orange County Register – May 11, 2016

“L.A. Zoo Receives Rare Australian Perentie Lizards”
ABC 7 Los Angeles – May 11, 2016

“Happy Birthday Topa”
FOX 11 LA – April 20, 2016

“Photo Gallery: Dinosaurs: Unextinct at the L.A. Zoo Exhibit Opens”
The Los Angeles Times– April 2016

“Dinosaurs:Unextinct on KABC-LA”
KABC-LA – April 16, 2016

“Curious George and Buddy the Dinosaur Visit LA Zoo for PBS SoCal KIDS Weekend”
Yelp – April 2016

“Zoos Join Together to Bring You Baby Pronghorn Antelopes”
Daily News 724 – March 30, 2016

“Hop on over to the LA Zoo to meet bunnies this Easter weekend”
89.3 KPCC – March 25, 2016

Macaroni Kid – March 2, 2016

“Photo Gallery: New Breeding Group of Grevy’s Zebras on Display Now at the L.A. Zoo”
Los Angeles Times – February 26, 2016

“L.A. Zoo event to spotlight love, animal style”
Los Angeles Times – February 12, 2016

“Zoo Given Special Award for 25 Years of Accreditation”
Park Labrea News & Beverly Press – January 28, 2016

“Zoo Animals Munch on Tree Branches from Peninsula”
Palos Verdes Peninsula News – January 27, 2016

“Unlucky Tasmanian Devils Suffer not One, but Two Kinds of Transmissible Cancer”
Los Angeles Times – January 5, 2016

“LA Zoo Now Hosts Tasmanian Devils”
89.3 KPCC – December 17, 2015

“L.A. Zoo, LADWP, to Provide Free Public Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations”
The San Fernando Valley Sun – November 5, 2015

“Zoo Director Elected to Board of National Organization”
Los Feliz Ledger – October 29, 2015

“Baby Giraffe Born at Los Angeles Zoo Makes his Debut”
The Telegraph UK – October 23, 2015

“L.A. Zoo Welcomes Rare Crocodilian from Singapore Zoo”
Park Labrea News & Beverly Press – October 22, 2015

“Some Animals Handling Heat Wave Better Than Humans at L.A. Zoo”
CBS Los Angeles – August 27, 2015

“Special Needs Orangutan Gets a Home Makeover at the L.A. Zoo”
Earth Touch News Network – August 27, 2015

“Building a Mountain Frogtown for Yellow-Legged Frogs”
So Cal Wild – August 10, 2015

“Record Number of Armenian Viper Births at L.A. Zoo”
My News L.A. – July 21, 2015

“Los Angeles Zoo Debuts 3 Endangered Otter Pups”
USA Today – July 17, 2015

“3 Rare Gray’s Monitor Lizards Hatched at L.A. Zoo”
89.3 KPCC – July 16, 2015

“Photos: Los Angeles Zoo Welcomes Baby Goats, Takin”
ABC 7 Los Angeles – July 16, 2015

“L.A. Zoo Observes 10th Anniversary of Endangered Species Day”
The San Fernando Valley Sun – May 14, 2015

“L.A. Zoo Animal Keepers Raise Funds for Critically Endangered Rhinos”
Park Labrea News Beverly Press – May 14, 2015

“A Touching Experience”
Simi Valley Acorn – March 20, 2015

“Best Images from Around the World: Here’s Our Pictures of the Week”
The Huffington Post- United Kingdom – March 13, 2015

“Sumatran Tiger, C.J., Debuts at L.A. Zoo; Cubs a Future Endeavor”
Los Angeles Times – February 6, 2015

“Holiday Light Show Returning to Griffith Park”
ABC7 / Eyewitness News – November 4, 2014

“Los Angeles Approves Plan to Turn Zoo Marketing Over to GLAZA”
Los Angeles Daily News – July 28, 2014

“Hollywood Gets a Boost from Its Animal Instincts at the L.A. Zoo”
Variety – July 30, 2014

“L.A. Zoo Gets 42 Australian Reptiles, Amphibians for 7 Komodo Dragons”
Los Angeles Daily News – July 25, 2014

“At the L.A. Zoo, the Animals Have Their Own DJ”
L.A. Weekly – June 19, 2014

“How the L.A. Zoo Cares for a 360-pound Gorilla Who Won’t Take His Medicine”
Los Angeles Times – June 19, 2014

“44th Annual Beastly Ball”
Los Angeles Times – June 16, 2014

“Animal Style: A Day at the L.A. Zoo”
L.A. Weekly – May 27, 2014

“TOMS Shoes Partners with the L.A. Zoo to Benefit Gorilla Habitat in Africa”
Los Angeles Times – May 13, 2014

“New Exhibit Featuring Exotic Rain-Forest Animals to Hit L.A… (VIDEO)”
KTLA – April 27, 2014

“Exotic Species Are Settling in at L.A. Zoo’s New Rain-Forest Exhibit”
L.A. Times – April 26, 2014

“Lucrative Illegal Animal Trade Thrives in California”
NPR – April 5, 2014

“Man Wins Unconditional Love of a Goose”
CBS News – March 9, 2014

“Make-A-Wish Teen at the L.A. Zoo”
Daily News – February 27, 2014

“How Invasive Plants at LAX Feed Giraffes and Elephants at the L.A. Zoo”
Los Angeles Times – February 20, 2014

“Animal RX at Children’s Hospital”
L.A. Observed – February 14, 2014

“Sex and the City Zoo vs. 50 Shades! The Musical”
Los Angeles Magazine – February 7, 2014

“Sex in the City Zoo: Knowing How Animals Breed Is Vital and Earthy”
KPCC’s “Off Ramp” – January 29, 2014

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