Curassow, Blue-Billed


Curassow, Blue-billed

Scientific Name: Crax alberti

Status: Critically Endangered

Habitat: Grasslands, marshes and meadows near lakes and streams in South America

Diet: This omnivorous bird eats fruits, shoots, small invertebrates, and possibly carrion.

Height: 2–3 feet

Weight: 7–8 pounds

The blue-billed curassow belongs to the order of birds known as galliformes—it is a tropical South American cousin of turkeys.

Only inhabiting a very small region of northern Colombia, the blue-billed curassow numbers are quickly diminishing due to the use of farming pesticides and destruction of native rainforest. A recent survey in 2009 predicted that the true population of this species lies between 250 and 999 individuals, making it one of the rarest birds in the world.

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