Crane, East African Gray-Crowned

African Crowned Crane East

Crane, Gray-Crowned

Scientific Name: Balearica regulorum gibbericeps

Status: Endangered

Habitat: Eastern Africa in wetland and grassland habitats

Diet: These omnivorous birds eat insects, grass seeds, invertebrates, reptiles, and some small mammals.

Height: 3.5 feet

Wingspan: 6 feet

Weight: 15 pounds

Unlike other crane species, gray-crowned cranes can perch in the trees thanks to prehensile hind toes that allow them to grasp branches.

The male gray-crowned crane performs a special dance to attract females for breeding. The display involves bowing, jumping, and head shaking as well as a loud call. These cranes make honking sounds that differ greatly from the calls of other cranes. These vocalizations are also used in territorial displays to defend nesting areas.

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