Curassow, Great

Great Curassow

Curassow, Great

Scientific Name: Crax rubra

Status: Vulnerable

Habitat: The great curassow lives in the humid, lowland forests from eastern Mexico through Central America, western and northwest Columbia.

Diet: Frugivorous, but will eat leaves, invertebrates, and small vertebrates

Length: Roughly 3 feet

Weight: Up to 10 pounds (male)

This species is fairly dimorphic; males and females differ in appearance. Both males and females feature crests of strongly curled feathers that can be raised and flattened when the bird is excited. The male’s plumage is mostly black with a blueish iridescence. The bright yellow knob on the male’s bill brightens and swells during the breeding season. Females are similar in form but with different coloration (reddish browns and gold with white barring on the tail) and lack the distinctive yellow knob found in the males.

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