Beetle, Sunburst Diving

Sunburst Diving Beetle at the LA Zoo LAIR Photo Credit Ian Recchio

Scientific Name: Thermonectus marmoratus

Much like a scuba diver, the sunburst diving beetle carries a store of oxygen with it in an air bubble just below the wings.

These beetles use their large hind legs to steer them effortlessly through the water. They live in the Southwestern United States and Mexico. So the next time you come across a pond or a creek in those areas, keep an eye out for the bright yellow spots!

Aquatic Lifestyle

Though the sunburst diving beetle spends the majority of its life in the water, it hatches from eggs that have been laid in the sand.

The sunburst diving beetle has not been categorized yet by the IUCN.

Southwestern United States and Mexico. They make their homes in freshwater ponds and pools, and if a pond dries up, they use their wings to fly to a new one.

Mosquito larvae and other invertebrates.

The sunburst diving beetle grows¬†1/2 of an inch in length and has a large oval body. It is easy to see these creatures were given “sunburst” at the start of their common name–even their scientific name hints at it–because of the bright yellow spots they sport on their bodies.

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