Uakari, Red

Uakari Male

Uakari, Red

Scientific Name: Cacajao calvus rubicundus

Status: Vulnerable

Habitat: Amazon River basin of western Brazil, eastern Peru, and southern Colombia

Diet: These monkeys are omnivores, eating fruits, seeds, leaves, nuts, nectar, and insects.

Height: 20–22 inches

Weight: 4.4–6.5 pounds

Uakari’s bright red faces and scalps are the result of a large number of capillaries under the skin. They may flush even brighter when excited or irritated. Though these primates may appear sunburned, their ruddy complexion is actually a sign of good health.

Sociable, intelligent, and playful, red uakaris live in groups called troops, which may include up to 100 males, females, and young who divide into smaller foraging units of five to 30 animals. Uakari populations cannot grow quickly because females give birth to a single baby only every two years. Most uakari females begin reproducing around the age of three, while males reach sexual maturity at around age six. The average gestation period is six months.

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