Meet our Newest Newborns

The Los Angeles Zoo has been bustling with a boom of baby births! Recent newborns include a colobus monkey, kangaroo joey, giraffe calf, chimps, piranha, and koala joeys. The Zoo’s breeding programs play a vital role in conservation efforts by sustaining populations of species from around the world.

To help welcome these adorable additions to the L.A. Zoo family, here’s a selection of some of our favorite photos:


If you can’t get enough of little Leo the giraffe, here’s a video of him getting lots of love from his family:

Don’t forget to also check out videos of our newest koalas and baby hippo, Rosie!

Our friends at ScholarShare, California’s 529 College Savings Plan, join us in welcoming these newborns. ScholarShare is a proud sponsor of the L.A. Zoo and supports a shared commitment to education.