TOP 10: You Know You’re a Zoo Keeper When…

In honor of National Zoo Keeper Week and the devoted animal care staff at the Los Angeles Zoo, we’ve compiled this list of the top ten signs that you are a dedicated animal keeper.

10. You can fix almost anything with cable ties, duct tape, and baling twine.

9. You have some sort of minor injury at all times (bite, scrape, bruise, cut, etc.).

8. You wish the floors in your house had drains so you could just hose them down.

7. You encounter a group of 2 men and 4 women and mentally categorize them as 2.4.

6. You have found yourself saying “copy” and “10-4” in a non-radio conversation.

5. You wash your hands BEFORE you use the bathroom.

4. You reach into your pocket for your keys and find alfalfa cubes, peanuts, or sweet feed.

3. You have no problem remembering the names of all your animals, but that one volunteer who shows up every week? Um… what was her name again?

2. You don’t see anything weird about eating lunch while there are fecal samples on the table.

1. You know that if you still look cute and/or smell good by the end of the day, you didn’t work hard enough.