10 Ways to Celebrate National Wildlife Day

September 4th is National Wildlife Day, and 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of this important holiday. What better way to show support for the occasion than to find 10 ways to celebrate?

Celebrating the beauty of nature and all its magnificent creatures, National Wildlife Day is dedicated to raising national awareness of endangered species (EN) and recognizing the efforts made by zoos, aquariums, animal sanctuaries, and nonprofit organizations to save animals in the wild.

Asian Elephant Billy PHOTO CREDIT: Jamie Pham

Asian Elephant – EN

It’s with this in mind, we compiled a top ten list counting the ways in which you can become an active participant in safeguarding wildlife:

  1. Become informed – Find out if your favorite animals are endangered, then make an effort to make a difference. The IUCN Red List offers the most current information on endangered species, and the L.A. Zoo’s website is a good place to discover which of the species at the Zoo are on the brink of survival.
  2. A.D.O.P.T. an animal – Funds from the “Animals Depend On People, Too” program help the Zoo participate in more than 40 international conservation programs.
  3. Visit the Zoo – Did you know that a portion of sales at many zoos, aquariums, and wildlife sanctuaries actually benefit animals in the wild? Just by visiting, you’re supporting our mission and efforts to save animals from extinction.
  4. Shop Amazon – The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA) has partnered with AmazonSmile Foundation to make it easier for
    Blue-Billed Curassow PHOTO CREDIT: Tad Motoyama

    Blue-Billed Curassow – EN
    PHOTO CREDIT: Tad Motoyama

    people to support the Zoo’s conservation field study programs, special needs outreach, children’s classes, and more, just by shopping.

  5. Name an animal – Imagine naming a newborn animal after yourself, a loved one, or a favorite rock star or cartoon character. What fun! Check with your local zoo to learn more about animal naming opportunities.
  6. Two cheers for volunteers – The L.A. Zoo welcomes student and adult volunteers, who play a vital role in fulfilling the Zoo’s mission of “Nurturing Wildlife and Enriching the Human Experience.”
  7. Buy a book today, help an animal tomorrow – Whether you purchase online or at this Pasadena, California location, Vroman’s Bookstore will contribute a portion of your book purchase to GLAZA through the Vroman’s Gives Back program. Everyone wins!
  8. Choose TOMS – The International Marketplace at the Los Angeles Zoo offers some adorable shoe options designed by TOMS to raise money and awareness for specific endangered species. In partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), TOMS Animal Initiative’s most recent design is dedicated to protecting rhinos in the wild.
  9. Become a member – Not only will an aquarium or zoo membership get you in to see your favorite animals, at a substantially lower cost year-round, but membership revenues also help fund conservation programs both nationally and globally.
  10. Give back – Of course, you can always go the good, old-fashioned route and participate through your (tax-deductible) donation to animal conservation, providing a secure future for animals in the wild.

However you choose to celebrate, let today be the start of a lifelong journey toward helping to protect and nurture the wondrous species in the wild.

Fiji Island Banded Iguana

Fiji Island Banded Iguana – EN
PHOTO CREDIT: Charlie Morey