Monkey Spotlight: François’ Langur

By Phoebe Li

François’ Langur baby Tao and his adoptive mother at the L.A. Zoo (Photo by Jamie Pham)

François’ Langur baby Tao and his adoptive mother Mei-Chi (Photo by Jamie Pham)

On the Chinese calendar, February 8, 2016 marked the beginning of the year of the fire monkey, igniting twelve months of adventure and ambition for all. Those born under this particular zodiac sign can be lively, resourceful, and clever, much like François’s langur monkeys, native Laos, Vietnam, and parts of China.

Just as the Chinese zodiac monkey prefers variety, langurs split their time between the trees and ground of semi-tropical forests. A noisy bunch, they careen through the treetops foraging for leaves and fruits.

Recently, the Zoo welcomed an adorable and resilient baby François’ langur, born August 15, 2015. The infant, a “miracle baby” named Tao by his keepers, lost his mother during his birth. Like a resilient fire monkey, Tao beat the odds with vigor—providing a beautiful story.

Guests can view our François’ langurs, including Tao and his adoptive parents, in the habitat next to Tiger Plaza.

To learn more about Tao’s story, visit our Facebook page: Los Angeles Zoo
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