It’s a Gir-illa!

By Sandy Masuo

Western lowland gorilla (Whimsie) born at the Denver Zoo (Photo by Denver Zoo)

Western lowland gorilla (Whimsie) born Denver Zoo (Photo by Denver Zoo)

Glenda sits on Rapunzel's back (Photo by Jamie Pham)

A young Glenda sits on her mom Rapunzel’s back at the L.A. Zoo (Photo by Jamie Pham)

Western lowland gorillas Kelly and Rapunzel are grandparents!

On March 8, the Denver Zoo announced the birth of a female baby to Tinga (aka Glenda, who was born at the L.A. Zoo) and former L.A. Zoo gorilla Jim. Whimsie Adepa (adepa means “good thing” in the Akan language of Ghana) was born just before midnight on February 25. According to the Denver Post, the birth is the first of her species at the zoo in 11 years and the fifth in zoo history.

Denver keepers report that first-time mom Tinga is quickly learning her new role and that second-time dad Jim is a gentle, protective parent.

If you find yourself in the mile-high city, you can visit the extended family of the Los Angeles Zoo’s western lowland gorillas at the Denver Zoo’s Great Apes building.
(Correction: Glenda was born at the Denver Zoo while L.A. Zoo gorillas Kelly, Rapunzel, and others were housed there during the construction of their new Los Angeles habitat, Campo Gorilla Reserve, which opened November 8, 2007. — Zoo View, Winter 2008)

Kelly plays with daughter Glenda (Photo by Tad Motoyama)

L.A. Zoo silverback gorilla, Kelly, plays with daughter Glenda (Photo by Tad Motoyama)