Backstage at the Zoo

This article originally ran in the June 1974 article of Zoo View, the quarterly magazine of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association.

Checking the script during the first day of taping are Betty White, Jimmy Stewart and the show's director, Bill Chestnut.

Mayor Tom Bradley, Amanda Blake, Joe Campanella, Jimmy Stewart, Mary Tyler Moore and Greg Morris will be guests on Betty White’s 90-minute television special on the Los Angeles Zoo.

Scheduled for Sunday night, July 28, at 8:30 on KTTV Channel 11, the program will be a behind-the-scenes look at the Zoo. Each segment of the program will feature a celebrity.

Mary Tyler Moore, for example, takes viewers inside the Zoo’s Baby Animal Nursery and talks to Animal Keepers responsible for the hand raising of baby animals.

Joe Campanella met Betty White in the African section of the Zoo.

The show is the result of a meeting between Betty White and Beverly Evans, GLAZA Membership Chairman, held last October. The program format was then presented to staff members of both the Zoo and Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association.

The idea was accepted with unanimous enthusiasm.

Zoo employees were particularly pleased that Betty White wanted to show the Zoo from the inside looking out, emphasizing programs and special aspects of Zoo operations not usually seen by Zoo patrons.

In addition to the Baby Animal Nursery, viewers will also see the Zoo’s Health Center and other areas which are off limits to the general public.

KTTV reports that it is exploring the possibility of having this special aired on the other Metromedia stations across the country.

Mayor Tom Bradley told Betty White that Los Angeles has a "fine Zoo" that depends upon the support of the community for its growth and progress.

This article originally ran in the June 1974 article of Zoo View, the award-winning quarterly publication of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association. A subscription is complimentary with any level of membership.