Lori Rogalski

LA Zoo Animal Keeper Lori RogalskiLori Rogalski is an animal keeper at the Los Angeles Zoo and has worked in the bird section for over five years. She has also been a keeper for the Avian Conservation Center (ACC) since its opening, and, in 2016, won the Sloan Grant, which allowed her to go to Bali to volunteer and study Bali starlings, along with other endangered Indonesian birds. Lori’s love of Bali starlings and personal goal to get the pair in ACC to breed led her to research how to successfully breed these beautiful birds. This research led her to find Pak Bayu, founder of the Friends of National Parks Foundation (FNPF) who started with 10 Bali starlings and ended up with 100 birds within a few-years time. He was even able to find and create protected habitat to release the birds into the wild. Lori knew she somehow needed to pack her bags, get to Bali, and study with this man. Thanks to the Sloan Grant she was able to do just that.