Tania Prebble

L.A. Zoo Animal Keeper Tania PrebbleTania Prebble’s passion for animals started at a young age, when she volunteered at the Santa Barbara Zoo. After a couple of years, she earned her first animal keeper job, through which she was able to work with almost every animal in the collection, such as carnivores, marine mammals, tapirs, anteaters, birds, and monkeys. During this time, she also volunteered at the Los Angeles Zoo, and after many years of donating her time, she received a part-time position, in 2003, in the quarantine department. In 2006, she transitioned into the animal care department and started working with Callitrichidaes (tamarins and marmosets). Working with a variety of animals helped her realize that deep down she was a primate person because, as she proclaims, “I just loved working with those little monkeys!” In 2008, Tania earned a full-time animal keeper position at the Zoo and moved into the great ape section, where she is cross-trained to work the western lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, and orangutans. The gorillas have a special place in her heart, and she has dedicated much of her vacation hours to see gorillas in the wild. In 2015, she spent three days trekking through the Volcanic National Park in Rwanda to see the majestic mountain gorillas. “I walked for about four hours to spend one hour with them,” says Tania. “With a population of around 850 individuals in the wild, it was worth every step to see them in their natural habitat.”