ECO-CELL at the L.A. Zoo

In Africa, gorilla habitats are being destroyed by unsustainable mining for a mineral used in the manufacture of handheld electronic devices, called coltan. Recycling devices responsibly decreases the demand for coltan, thereby reducing mining and keeping toxins out of the environment

Female Western Lowland Gorilla, N'djia, and her newborn baby girl, Photo by Jamie Pham

Recycle Handheld Electronics Through ECO-CELL

When you recycle handheld electronics through our partner ECO-CELL at the L.A. Zoo, a portion of the proceeds go to conservation nonprofits like Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education (GRACE), which works to safeguard the Grauer’s gorilla, one of the most endangered primates on the planet.

Before your next Zoo visit, take an inventory of your handheld electronics, then check out our easy donation tip sheet, which includes:

  • Which items are accepted
  • Where to find the ECO-CELL donation bin at the Zoo
  • How to prep your devices for donation
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