School and Teacher Engagement

The outdoor classroom is powerful. It encourages focus and curiosity while supporting students across many disciplines. When combined with the magic of live animal observation, the outdoor classroom becomes a living entity, fostering deep and transformational learning. Welcome to your amazing outdoor classroom, the Los Angeles Zoo. We can’t wait to explore with you!

Virtual Field Trips


Join us for a virtual field trip to your Los Angeles Zoo. The L.A. Zoo is an amazing place to experience nature. This field trip can be used by anyone, including teachers, guardians, and students. Use our Virtual Field Trip Guide to help you find the things you need to make this the perfect experience for you. Have fun exploring!


Acompáñanos en una excursión virtual por tu zoológico de Los Ángeles. El zoológico de Los Ángeles es un lugar increíble para experimentar con la naturaleza. Esta excursión puede ser utilizada por cualquier persona, incluyendo maestros, tutores y estudiantes. Utiliza nuestra Guía de viaje de excursión (próximamente) para ayudar a encontrar lo que necesitas para crear la experiencia perfecta para ti. ¡Diviértete explorando!

School Group Field Trips

For field trip information related to all LAUSD and non-LAUSD primary or secondary schools, university, and adult school special needs field trips, including scholarships, please view our Community Programs page.

Slow Down Zones

The L.A. Zoo invites school groups to join the Learning & Engagement team as scientists at our new Slow Down Zones! Students will have opportunities to make observations, ask questions, and develop hypotheses in real time. Make sure to ask where the Slow Down Zones are as you arrive and we’ll see you in the field!

Classroom Engagement

Teacher Professional Development Workshops

For more information on Teacher Professional Development Workshops and Preview Days contact [email protected].

Teacher Preview Days

For more information on Teacher Professional Development Workshops and Preview Days contact [email protected].


Zoo Pals is a special grant-funded program that provides qualified schools and school-affiliated groups with free admission and transportation to the Los Angeles Zoo.

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