The maned wolf’s hind legs are slightly longer than its front legs, making it a talented uphill climber. In fact, this canid’s long lanky legs are probably its most noticeable feature. They aid this stealthy hunter in tracking down prey in the tall grasses of its habitat.

Human Help

Maned wolves have no natural predators, but they have suffered greatly from humans. In addition to being hunted by ranchers, some of their body parts are sought due to their supposed supernatural properties. (A maned wolf’s right eye is said to bring good luck.) However, many zoos and conservation programs are working together to educate people and maintain healthy assurance populations.


Grasslands, plains, and forests throughout South America


These canids are omnivorous, eating plants, fruits, and small animals.


  • Length: 3–4 feet
  • Height: 2–3 feet at the shoulder
  • Weight: 50 pounds