General Volunteers

Rewarding experiences start here! You can make a difference in a visitor’s or animal’s life as well as wildlife conservation by joining the General Volunteer team.

General Volunteers help with a number of activities throughout the Zoo. Available assignments may include:

Enrichment Garden: The L.A. Zoo Enrichment team maintains an edible garden specifically for the animals. Zoo volunteers help maintain “Bonnie’s Edible Garden” to provide keepers access to novel enrichment items to add to the animals’ diets or playtimes.  All plants are non-toxic from root to leaf and are maintained with non-chemical plant protection, for the safety of the animals.  

On Grounds: As the Zoo is over 100 acres of public access, and strewn with hills and beautifully landscaped twisting paths; it can be a beautiful place to get lost in, whether on purpose or not. As an on grounds volunteer you are the friendly face helping visitors navigate the Zoo and spot the animal. 

Virtual Conservation Programs: The L.A. Zoo’s Conservation program continues to grow and add new and unique ways to connect with community conservation programs locally and throughout the world. As we build new programs, both in-person and virtual, Citizen Science programs are available to volunteers at the Zoo. Whether counting condors or identifying who’s just walked in front of the camera trap, you can support conservation through citizen science projects.

Administrative support: Not everyone thinks “Admin” when considering supporting a Zoo,  but there are several event preps and mailings that many volunteers enjoy participating in. Whether it is too hot to be outside, or you just want to sit down, these activities are usually a fun social event getting to know fellow conservation-minded individuals like yourself. 

Advanced opportunities available after introduction period:

  • Habitat Ambassador
  • Muriel’s Ranch (Contact Yard)
  • World of Bird Show
  • Food Preparation 
  • Enrichment workshops

Program Information

Qualifications: Anyone 16 years and over is welcome to apply. Applicants must enjoy working with children and adults of all ages.

Required hours per year: 96

Training: Blended learning with an on-line course and one full day in-person in the classroom and on-grounds.

Fee: $45 includes training materials, badge, and uniform shirt. 

Special Requirements: For the safety of our visitors and animals, all volunteers must show proof of COVID-19 vaccine, an annual negative tuberculosis test, and complete background check by the City of Los Angeles upon acceptance to the program.

Note: All volunteers must submit an application through our website, which will be reviewed by our Volunteer Department staff. Depending on the needs of the Zoo at the time, and/or your field of interest and experience, you may be contacted for an interview. Please note, there is limited space in this program. Once accepted into the program, applicants will receive an orientation and appropriate training for specific assignments.

For more information, please call (323) 522-9355 or send an email to [email protected].