LA Zoo Drive-In Movies: Halloween

Hair-Raising Halloween Drive-In FAQ


What is included with my ticket?

Your ticket includes a Trick-AND-Treat BAG full of goodies for everyone in your vehicle, children’s activity books, two drive-up photo opportunities, carving pumpkins for the first 50 decorated vehicles, and the screening of your selected movie. All giveaways will be pre-sanitized and distributed in a socially distanced manner by staff wearing face masks and gloves. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.

Can I buy tickets at the box office?

Tickets are available for online purchase only. A digital ticket will be emailed to you upon completion of your purchase.

Does each attendee require a ticket?

No. Ticket pricing is based on the number of occupants in your vehicle. The base ticket is good for up to two individuals. We also offer a group ticket option that includes everyone who fits in your vehicle with a seatbelt. There is no charge for children under the age of 2.

Is there a limit on the number of attendees per vehicle?

With the group ticket, you may bring as many passengers as there are seatbelts in your vehicle.

Will weather or rain impact my showing?

Some weather (e.g. severe thunderstorms) will delay or cancel screenings. Our team is continuously watching the weather and will decide on the day-of whether it is safe to hold screenings. All ticket holders will be contacted via email in the event of a cancellation. We will also have staff on site to notify ticketholders of any cancellation. If we cancel a screening due to severe weather, ticketholders will receive refunds. Email [email protected] with any questions.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds will not be offered unless we cancel the event due to severe weather.

Can I exchange my ticket for another night?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate ticket exchanges.

Is my ticket transferable?

Yes. If you cannot attend, another person may use your ticket.


When should I arrive?

Gates open at 6 p.m. and the movie will begin at 8:30 p.m. Please plan to arrive early to allow for adequate time to order food through our mobile ordering system and pick up the food at the concession stand prior to the movie start time. We recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the movie start time. Parking spots will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. The decorated vehicle queuing line and photo opportunities will close at 8:15 p.m. to ensure that all vehicles are parked prior to the start of the movie.

Do I need a mask to attend the event?

Yes. Upon entering, the driver and each passenger must show that they each have their own mask. Masks will be required any time a guest interacts with staff and any time a guest leaves their vehicle.

How will my ticket be taken?

Ticket scanning will be contactless. We encourage you to show your ticket on a mobile device to minimize touch points.

Are pets/dogs allowed into the screenings?

Only service animals are allowed and must be kept on leash.


What should I expect on the vehicle queuing line?

Upon arrival, all vehicles will be directed to enter the vehicle queuing line. This path, which eventually leads to the outdoor movie screening area, will be festively decorated and feature two drive-up photo opportunities as well as the candy pick-up station.

What is the speed limit?

5 mph in all zones. This is for your enjoyment of the event, as well as the safety of our staff who will be stationed throughout to monitor speed. We ask that you stay within the designated driving path and do not attempt to pass other vehicles.

Safety Requirements and Disclaimer

Please note, GLAZA, the City of Los Angeles, the City of Los Angeles Department of the Zoo, and SSA Group, LLC, and their respective concessionaires, agents, trustees, officers, affiliates and employees are NOT responsible for any of the following upon your entering the premises:

  1. ANY damage to your vehicle by other guests, your failure to follow the stated rules and safety requirements, and/or your failure to abide by traffic laws
  2. ANY damage to personal property inside and/or on your vehicle, including any property in the bed of trucks
  3. ANY physical injury or harm to guests caused by other guests and/or negligent driving

Guests who fail to observe these safety requirements may be required to leave the premises without a refund.

Can I sit in the bed of a pickup truck on the vehicle queuing line?

While you are permitted to sit in the bed of a parked pickup truck for the viewing of the movie, you may not sit there while the vehicle is moving on the queuing line. Please note that a mask must be worn at all times if you choose to sit in the bed of a pickup truck to view the movie.

How do I know where to park for the movie?

Parking is assigned on a first come, first served basis. Vehicles will be guided to parking spots by event staff to ensure an optimal viewing experience for all guests. Vehicles will be separated by an empty parking spot or a minimum distance. Tail-in parking is limited to pickup trucks. Guests who choose to sit in the back of a pickup truck must wear face masks at all times.

What should I do about my headlights?

For the viewing enjoyment of others, please turn all your vehicle’s lights (head, tail, and interior) off before the movie start.


What types of vehicles are allowed?

Oversized and unenclosed vehicles are prohibited, including but not limited to: large vans, limousines, mopeds, motorcycles, RVs, scooters, and vehicles with open tops. Please email [email protected] if you are unsure if your vehicle will be permitted.

Are bikes and pedestrians allowed?

Pedestrians and bicyclists will not be permitted within the perimeter of the ticketed event site.

Are there restrictions on how I decorate my car?

Have fun and get creative with your road-safe compliant car decorations, but please refrain from displaying any imagery or language that other guests may find objectionable. Please ensure that decorations do not obstruct the view for other vehicles during the movie screening or you may be asked to remove them.


Are restrooms available?

Yes. Temporary restroom facilities will be available onsite once parked in the movie screening area, although we strongly encourage you to use the restroom before arriving. All onsite restrooms will undergo enhanced cleanings before, during, and after each event. All guests are expected to practice physical distancing while waiting in line for the restrooms.

Are concessions available?

Yes. Concessions will be available through mobile ordering. Guests will not be able to order at the concession stand which is for order pick-up only. No more than two adults per vehicle are permitted to pick-up food orders at the concessions stand. If one adult is picking up an order, they may be accompanied by a child. Mobile orders will end at 9 p.m. All guests are expected to practice physical distancing while waiting in line to pick up pre-ordered concessions.

How should I dispose of trash?

There will be receptacles onsite, although please keep trash in your vehicle when possible. Please do not litter.


Is this event child-friendly?

Yes. This is a fright-free event designed for all ages. Please be aware, however, that the Sunday, November 1st showing of Poltergeist may not be suitable for children under the age of 13.

Can I picnic or tailgate during the film?

No. There is no picnicking on the grounds, vehicle roofs, hoods, trunks, or truck beds. Guests who choose to sit in the bed of their pick-up to view the movie, must wear a face at all times

Can I leave my vehicle during the event?

All guests must stay inside their vehicle during the event except to use the restrooms or pick up concessions that have been purchased via mobile ordering. Restrooms and concessions stand will only be accessible once your vehicle is parked in the movie viewing area. No more than two adults per vehicle are permitted to pick up food orders. If one adult is picking up an order, they may be accompanied by a child. No child under 12 is permitted to visit the concession stand or restroom alone. Face masks are required any time you are outside your vehicle. When outside your vehicle, please be respectful of others’ space.

Can I keep the engine idling?

Please refrain from idling your engine. If you need to start your car periodically to keep your battery charged, please limit the amount of time you are idling. For nighttime screenings, be aware that any lights in your car will be a distraction to others.

What should I do about my headlights?

For the viewing enjoyment of others, please turn all your vehicle’s lights (head, tail, and interior) off before the movie starts.

How will I hear the movie?

All films are broadcast and can be heard in your vehicle using your FM Radio. The specific FM channel to tune to will be listed on the screen during the pre-show presentation. If your vehicle is not equipped with a radio, we recommend that you bring one. The frequency will be provided at check-in and shown on screen.

Will the movies have closed captions?

No. Unfortunately, the distance between the cars and screen makes the text very hard to read.

What can I bring with me?

Coolers containing your own snacks and beverages are permitted on the premises, however smoking and alcohol is not permitted.

Can I sit on the top of or outside of my vehicle to watch the movie?

For the comfort and safety of all our viewers, and as mandated by the L.A. County Department of Public Health, sitting on the top of or outside of your vehicle to view the movie is not permitted. Guests with pickup trucks may choose to sit in the bed of the truck, however a face mask must be worn at all times.

Additional questions or concerns? Please contact [email protected].

Details subject to change.

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