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Spring 2020

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Join our extended celebration of Earth Day’s 50th anniversary (April 22) and the 15th anniversary of Endangered Species Day (May 15)! Throughout our virtual Wild for the Planet festivities, you’ll find new activities, videos, sustainability tips, and much more on this page and our social media pages every week!

L.A. ZOO-m Animal Chats with Swazzle

Ricky the Racoon will interview various animals – from a California condor to a coyote – to learn fascinating facts and share what viewers can do to help these creatures and other native wildlife.

Past Weeks

L.A. ZOO-m Animal Chat with Swazzle ft Katie Coyote

L.A. ZOO-m Animal Chat with Swazzle ft Monty the Southern Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog

L.A. ZOO-m Animal Chat with Swazzle ft Conrad the California Condor

L.A. ZOO-m Animal Chats with Swazzle ft Bob E. the Yellow-Faced Bumblebee

Endangered Species Draw-Alongs With Brian Kesinger

Brian Kesinger!

We’ve partnered with veteran Walt Disney Animation artist Brian Kesinger on a series of draw-alongs spotlighting endangered species that the Los Angeles Zoo has brought back from the brink of extinction. Taking place on four Saturdays at 1 p.m., these engaging Facebook Live tutorials show viewers how to draw the California condor (April 18), the mountain yellow-legged frog (April 25), peninsular pronghorn (May 2), and the western lowland gorilla (May 9). Join us live or catch up with archived episodes here or on our YouTube channel.

Past Weeks

L.A. Zoo Presents Draw-Along with Brian Kesinger: Peninsular Pronghorn
L.A. Zoo Presents Draw-Along with Brian Kesinger: Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog
L.A. Zoo Presents Draw-Along with Brian Kesinger: California Condor

Add some ZOO to your next Zoom meeting with these wild backgrounds! We’ll be releasing new backgrounds every week from now through Endangered Species Day on May 15 as part of our extended #EarthDaycelebration, #WildForThePlanet. Use them to show the world that you care about wildlife conservation and the planet we all share.

From Our Partners

Native Plant Virtual Field Trip

Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy 

Ready to go on a “virtual” field trip? Our friends at Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy will take you on a nature-filled trip at the Rosemont Preserve, where you will learn about local wildlife and plant life. Download the worksheet to follow along with the video and see all the new things you have learned!

Presentation on the NASA's GLOBE Observer Citizen Science App

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Become a citizen scientist with NASA’s GLOBE Observer app! As part of the international education GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) program, participates can collect data and track changes in the environment as they contribute to NASA science and research. Make observations of the atmosphere, land cover, tree height, and mosquitos well NASA Earth-observing satellites are over-head making similar measurements.

NASA’s Eyes: See the Universe Through our Eyes

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

NASA has created a full solar system simulator that is completely accurate. Travel through space and time from 1950 through 2050 and examine over 100 NASA missions from the past, present, and even into the future!  Zoom out to Pluto to see the New Horizons mission fly by in 2015, go check out the Voyager spacecraft beyond the solar system, watch the Curiosity rover land on Mars, or go see the rings of Saturn!  Experience Earth (including the latest climate data) and our solar system, the universe, and the spacecraft exploring them, with immersive apps for Mac, PC, and mobile devices.

From the L.A. Zoo Blog

“Conservation Actions at Home” by Sandy Masuo

Even as we’re doing what’s necessary to “flatten the curve” during this Covid-19 event, we can all take actions to support wildlife and sustainability for the good of the planet we all share.

“Call of the Wild” by Brenda Scott Royce

With mining for cell phone components driving gorillas to the brink of extinction, the species’ survival may literally lie in the palm of your hands.

“Birds of a Feather” by Chandra David

23 years ago, the Los Angeles Zoo provided an opportunity for me to work with one of the most endangered species in the world, the California condor, and since that day I was hooked.

“High & Dry” by Mike Bona

Giraffe populations have decreased by 40 percent in the last 30 years. There are fewer than 100,000 individuals left—far less than the number of African elephants (approximately 450,000). These statistics are alarming—and what’s more alarming is that few people are aware of this population decline.

From Our YouTube Channel

Whether at the Zoo or in the field, your L.A. Zoo works to save species every day. Here are just a few of our many inspiring conservation stories.

“L.A. Zoo Keeper Travels to Africa to Save Rhinos”

Accompany Keeper Roxane Losey on her journey to South Africa to train rangers for a mounted patrol unit to protect endangered rhinos from poaching.

“A California Condor Recovery Program Success Story”

No zoo does more than the Los Angeles Zoo for the award-winning California Condor Recovery Program, a collaborative effort that has literally saved one of the West’s most iconic birds from extinction.

“L.A. Zoo Keeper Studies Giraffe Conservation in Africa”

Thanks to a grant from the Zoo’s Ornato Animal Keeper Advanced Studies Fund, Lead Keeper Mike Bona travels to Namibia to participate in the Giraffe Conservation Foundation’s longest-running project.

“L.A. Zoo Releases Hundreds of Endangered Tadpoles”

After successfully breeding more than 2,000 critically endangered southern mountain yellow-legged frogs, L.A. Zoo animal care staff hike into the Angeles National Forest to release more than 500 of this species’ tadpoles.

Earth Day Crafts & Activities

Love L.A. Zoo craft activities? Now you can do them at home, with the help of these downloadable PDFs. Share pictures of your finished crafts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and don’t forget to tag us (@lazoo). We’re looking forward to seeing them!


Spring Babies

See some of our newest arrivals and learn about the important role that zoo-based breeding programs play in species conservation.

Bringing the Zoo to You

During our closure, we’re sharing cool views of the Zoo, our animal residents, and our dedicated keepers to keep you informed, engaged, and connected while social distancing.

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