Zoo Camp

Campers enjoying a story outside

Zoo Camp Summer 2022

June 20, 2022 – August 12, 2022

Update: Grades 1-8 are SOLD OUT

At this time we do not have the capacity to maintain a waitlist. If the camp you were hoping for is full, we recommend regularly checking our registration webstore for availability.

Price: $400 a week (Only Visa, MasterCard, or Discover accepted. No international cards accepted.)

Extended Care: $100 a week. Includes AM and/or PM (can attend either or both every day). Day-of extended care sign-ups are $20 per day.

Zoo Camp Summer 2022 Schedule

Entering Grade as of Fall 2022June 20–24June 27–July 1July 4–8July 11–15July 18–22July 25–29August 1–5August 8–12
Kinder (5 Years Old)Storytime SafariCritter JamBig & SmallAnimal ABC’sStorytime SafariCritter JamBig & SmallAnimal ABC’s
Kinder (5 Years Old) Animal ABC’sStorytime SafariCritter JamBig & SmallAnimal ABC’sStorytime SafariCritter JamBig & Small
1st–2ndSafari AfrikaLights, Camera, Animals!Insect InvestigationsCreature CreationsSafari AfrikaLights, Camera, Animals!Insect InvestigationsCreature Creations
1st–2ndCreature CreationsSafari AfrikaLights, Camera, Animals!Insect InvestigationsCreature CreationsSafari AfrikaLights, Camera, Animals!Insect Investigations
3rd–4thPlanet PrimateDiscover AsiaFearsome FaunaMonsters & DragonsPlanet PrimateDiscover AsiaFearsome FaunaMonsters & Dragons
3rd–4thMonsters & DragonsPlanet PrimateDiscover AsiaFearsome Fauna
5th–6thIce Age AdventureZoorasic ParkAnimal Animation
7th–8thHow to Zoo

Class Descriptions


Animal ABC’s

How well do you know your animal ABCs? Alligators, Binturongs, Condors, and many more await you at the L.A. Zoo! Build your camper’s vocabulary while exploring the Zoo, discovering the dazzling sights and sounds that abound, and learning about our animal friends.

Storytime Safari

Get ready for a week of page-turning adventures as we use stories to discover the wild world of animals. Favorite animal books will be the focus of games, art, and adventures through the zoo!

Critter Jam

Can you boogie like bongo? Get funky like flamingo? Animals move in lots of different ways and you can, too, when you join us at the Zoo! This week, we will move like some of our favorite animals and discover why they boogie, get funky, and jam to their own tunes.

Big & Small

The animal kingdom is filled with creatures of all shapes and sizes. This summer, you’ll discover how each one is specially adapted for its habitat. Campers will develop their understanding of opposites and learn that it’s OK to be different—and, sometimes, being different is an advantage.


Creature Creations

Sculptures, sketches, and splats of paint! People throughout time have chosen different techniques to depict the creatures around them. Get ready for a mess of fun as we explore the arty side of animals.

Safari Afrika

Africa is home to magnificent creatures. During this expedition through Africa’s many habitats, you’ll discover myriad animal wonders—from spectacular snakes to marvelous monkeys, holed-up hedgehogs to glorious gazelles. We’ll gaze into the trees and investigate under our feet in search of these and many more!

Lights, Camera, Animals!

It’s the magic of the movies, television, and games as you spend your week exploring the amazing animals of the silver screen! Campers will compare some of our favorite animal stars with Zoo animals while flouncing with feathered friends, surfing with sea lions, and making buddies with bears.

Insect Investigations

You’ll need a tough exoskeleton, compound eyes, and three pairs of legs to keep up with this camp! Go through complete metamorphosis, become the worker bee in a hive, and weave your own web during this week of insect investigation.


Monsters & Dragons

From the monster of Loch Ness to the Komodo dragons of the Los Angeles Zoo, we’ll unravel the myths and realities of monsters and dragons during this crazy week of creature camp.

Planet Primate

Go bananas over this creative creature camp as we explore the wonderful world of primates. Become a primate researcher and uncover what makes each primate unique, from the red-headed orangutans of Sumatra to the spider monkeys of South America.

Discover Asia

From tigers of Indonesia, to the dragons of Komodo Island, campers will discover Asia with this exciting camp session. Each day, campers will investigate ecosystems and the relationships between plants, animals, and people in this part of the world.

Fearsome Fauna

If you have ever wondered why some people say venom and others say poison, then this camp is for you! We will explore the many ways in which animals and plants survive, catch their prey, and defend themselves using very unique adaptations.


Ice Age Adventure

Los Angeles is famous for many things, but did you know this area was home to some of the most well-known Ice Age ancestors? Join us in meeting some of the descendants of these popular Pleistocene predecessors and find out the differences in L.A. between then and now.

Animal Animation

The Zoo will become a unique source of inspiration for your camper to explore his/her imagination and create awesome animal-themed art. By observing animal sights, sounds, and movement and incorporating them into art, children will develop a deeper understanding of nature’s beauty.

Zoorassic Park

Explore a world of living fossils… at the Los Angeles Zoo! Have a wild week encountering animal ancestors, modern dinosaurs, and plants from more than one million years ago. Come to Zoo Camp and uncover the past right here in the present.


How to Zoo

What does it take to run a zoo? Come with us as we meet Zoo staff that play key roles in animal care and conservation. Learn how we do research and take care of animals to help conserve our natural world.

Zoo Camp Scholarship

As a part of the Los Angeles Zoo’s long-standing mission to make nature and animals accessible to the children of Los Angeles, we are proud to offer Summer Zoo Camp Scholarships for families with financial need. Zoo Camp is a week-long day camp offered for 8 weeks during the summer. Zoo Camp is for children independent of their parents and provides a safe, fun, and nurturing setting where they can focus on making friends with both campers and animals. We will hold a lottery if the number of applications received exceeds the awards available. All applicants will be notified via email the week of March 21, 2022.

Scholarship applications are closed for 2022.