Zoo Map

Map of the Los Angeles Zoo

Please note that the following activities and facilities are currently unavailable (subject to change without notice):

Activities and Experiences
Angela Collier World of Birds Theater and Show
Talks and presentations
Giraffe Feedings
Flamingo Mingle
Behind-the-Scenes Experiences
Papiano Play Park
Tom Mankiewicz Conservation Carousel
Treetops Terrace
California Condor Rescue Zone
Photo Safari
Face painting
Caricature artist

Animal Exhibits
Muriel’s Ranch Contact Yard
Winnick Family Children’s Zoo Caves and Desert Trail
LAIR and Desert LAIR
Australia House

Aviary Restroom
Papiano Play Park Restroom

Food Service
Gorilla Grill
Café Pico
Fork in the Road

Other high-touch amenities are closed, such as vending machines, drinking fountains, penny-press machines, photo booths, telescopes, and sculptures.