Miracle Condor Chick Needs a Name!

Whether or not you’ve been following the inspiring and often harrowing story of the California condor known as LA1720, we can all agree that this little one deserves a new name.

The animal keepers on the Zoo’s California condor team have selected names that are meaningful to them personally and to efforts to save the species.

Now, we need your help picking the perfect name for the miraculous chick who—with a lot of help and care – defied the odds to become the thriving youngster it is today and a symbol of hope for its critically endangered species.

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The Names

Chick LA1720 will be given the name that garners the most donation dollars by the time we reach our goal. All net proceeds—regardless of the name to which donations are associated—benefit the California Condor Recovery Program, the collaborative effort that has brought this species back from the brink of extinction.


“Living in California has allowed me to develop my passion for wildlife and fulfill my dream of truly making a difference to give this species another chance.”
– Condor Keeper Chandra David


“[Michael Wallace] shared my interest in nature and birds and encouraged me to dig deeper… He was more of a mentor to me than anyone, even my own dad.”
– Condor Keeper Mike Clark


“’Timoloqin’ means ‘to tell a story’ in the Chumash language, and it is perfect because so many people were drawn in by LA1720’s story and learned about condors and the program.”
– Condor Keeper Debbie Sears


“For about 10 years, the Yurok tribe has been preparing to reintroduce the condor—a sacred bird—to their ancestral lands.”
– Condor Keeper Jon Guenther

LA1720’s Story

Condor LA1720 and friends.

In August 2020, the L.A. Zoo’s first-ever conservation ambassador—professional storyteller and vulture volunteer LouAnne Brickhouse—started chronicling the development and care of a California condor chick known as LA1720.

Since the chick’s social media debut, #LA1720 has captivated thousands of fans—from uncertain beginnings as a malpositioned chick within the egg to a dramatic, keeper-assisted hatching to a re-introduction to parents Sequoia and Squapuni, a terrifying overnight health scare, and more. Today, LA1720 is a healthy, maturing chick who is on its way to flying… while continuing to lift our hearts.

You can help give miracle chick LA1720 a new name, one that matches its inspiring journey.

Like all California condors hatched and cared for at the L.A. Zoo, LA1720 is part of the California Condor Recovery Program (CCRP), a collaborative effort that has brought this critically endangered species back from the very precipice of extinction. Since CCRP’s inception in 1982, the world population of California condors, which dipped to as low as 22 individuals, has soared to more than 520—with more than half of those birds living in the wild. Through the years, the L.A. Zoo’s role in the CCRP has evolved to represent what zoos do best in the conservation world—combine experience and knowledge gained from years of hands-on work with other conservation agencies.

No zoo does more for the CCRP than the Los Angeles Zoo. Not only do we care for California condors at the L.A. Zoo, we breed them, prepare them for release into the wild, provide medical treatment for injured birds, perform nest checks and other monitoring and interventions in the field, and train and mentor staff from partner agencies and institutions. We also offer monetary support, with your help. Donations made through the “Miracle Condor Chick Needs a Name!” campaign will benefit the CCRP.

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