<strong>Chacoan peccaries live among thorny scrub brush and cacti in Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay.</strong> Photo by Jamie Pham

Zoo Update from GLAZA President Tom Jacobson – September 2022

In every season, we remain so grateful to GLAZA members and volunteers for your passionate support of the Zoo’s mission to save species from extinction.[…]

Photo of a cockatoo on a branch

Zoo Update from Director and CEO Denise M. Verret – August 2022

It’s August, which means we are hosting nearly 900 Zoo Campers and are also taking our outreach programs to 36 parks throughout the City as part of the Recreation and Parks Summer Play L.A.[…]

The tiger salamander is native to North America, with varieties found coast to coast in the U.S. Photo by Jamie Pham

Zoo Update with GLAZA President Tom Jacobson – July 2022

As we begin a new fiscal year this month, it’s time to celebrate the generosity of the people of Los Angeles to the L.A.[…]

Denise Verret, center, with travel group and guides in Botswana’s Makgadikgadi Pans National Park.

Zoo Update from Director and CEO Denise M. Verret – June 2022

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of traveling to Africa for the very first time in my life.[…]

Peacock feathers of all colors and patterns.

Zoo Update with GLAZA President Tom Jacobson – May 2022

We've learned a lot about the enormous value of outdoor space to provide guests a safe place to learn about nature and celebrate the mission of the Los Angeles Zoo, and we’re about to take one of our most dramatic steps yet toward “normal” by hosting the Beastly Ball in person at the Zoo on June 4.[…]

The chimpanzee troop is ready to welcome two new members.

Super Troopers: New Chimps Arrive

The Zoo has recently welcomed two new chimpanzees! Curator of Mammals Candace Sclimenti says “the intros are going great” with the rest of the troop, and in fact the duo—two males—were recently made acquainted with the current alpha male.[…]