Virtual Beastly Ball 2021

Hosted by Joel McHale

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Virtual Beastly Ball 2021 livestream and auction. We’re very grateful for the support of donors, viewers, and friends, and for the participation of the amazing artists, entertainers, City leaders, and may others who are featured in show.

Bonus Content

Jess Kohring on the L.A. Zoo’s Commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity, Access, and Inclusion

Virtual Beastly Ball 2021 Preshow

Animal Spotlight – Gharial

Animal Spotlight – Berrendo

Animal Spotlight – Western Lowland Gorilla

GLAZA President Tom Jacobson Mixes a Drink

3rd Rock Hip Hop L.A. Zoo Song

Emma Goss Poem

Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Jungle Bird Cocktail Recipe


Jackie Chan and Leila George

Jackie Chan

Action hero Jackie Chan’s high-flying stunts have made him a worldwide sensation, but it’s his off-screen work that embodies the actor’s spirit of generosity and humility that makes him a true hero. Named one of the top 10 most charitable celebrities by Forbes, Chan crisscrosses the globe to lend support for a myriad of causes, including wildlife conservation, and is a supporter and ambassador of Save China’s Tigers, which aims to save the endangered South China tiger through breeding and reintroduction into the wild.

LEILA George

Australian-American actress Leila George, who’s a rising star currently on TNT’s Animal Kingdom, and seen previously in Mortal Engines and The Kid, has built a sizable reputation off screen for her philanthropic work. Working alongside her husband, Sean Penn, and his nonprofit relief organization CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort), George has been active in setting up COVID-19 testing sites in New Orleans, Atlanta, Navajo Nation, New York City, Chicago, and California. Last year, George raised funds for the conservation of wildlife, land, and communities when she produced and hosted the Meet Me in Australia fundraising event for Australian wildfire relief at the L.A. Zoo.


Beastly Ball performers in a grid

3rd Rock Hip Hop
Lauren Ash
Sean Astin
Marcela Celorio, Mexican Counsel General of Los Angeles
Julie Chang
Colburn Community School of Performing Arts
Daryl Evans, LA Kings
Ben Feldman
Carolyn Hennesy
Orel Hershiser
Robert Horry
Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias
Charley Koontz
Mariachi Divas
Vince Neil
Pauley Perrette
Los Angeles City Councilmember Nithya Raman
Nick Scott, LA Rams
Christopher Sims
Nani Sinha, LA Opera
Shadoe Stevens

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Each year we identify a special need to benefit the well-being of our animals. This year, we have four needs that will be available to support through the auction site: a steam autoclave, a new southern mountain yellow-legged frog exhibit, a giraffe exhibit shade structure, and eight iPads for research. You can learn more about each need at the auction site.

Your donation will help us to fund these important needs at your Los Angeles Zoo. Thank you for your support!



Brian Diamond
Tyler K. Kelley
Franco Terango


Brian Hodous
Tom Jacobson
Kelly Brock Jennings
Melinda Peters
Denise Verret
Michael Wandell
Jennifer Wieland

Beastly Ball FAQ

How can I view the program while bidding on the online auction?

We encourage you to use at least two devices to stream the live event and bid in our online auction simultaneously and recommend that you enable text notifications through BidPal for status updates regarding your bids.

I will be unavailable on June 5. How can I participate?

You will be able to make donations at any time before or after June 5 here.

You can place maximum bids on our online auction donations if you are unable to check on the status prior to the closing on Sunday, June 6 at 6:00 p.m. If you have a maximum spending limit for an auction package, you can set an auto-bid that will automatically increase your bids against competitors until it reaches your maximum limit. If your maximum limit is outbid, you will be notified.

Can non-members participate?

Anyone can participate by streaming our live program. We encourage you to share the invitation with your friends and family.   

You must be 18 years and older to bid on our online auction packages, and 21 years and older to bid on any alcohol-related auction package. 

Are my contributions tax-deductible?

If you are an event sponsor, a patron, or making a donation, your contribution is tax-deductible, as allowed by law. 

Auction packages won above the fair market value are tax-deductible in the amount of the difference. For federal income tax purposes, you may be able to deduct the portion of your purchase price that exceeds the item’s fair market value (FMV), if you paid the excess with the intent to make a charitable contribution. 

Please note that transaction fees and taxes associated with your contribution are not tax-deductible. For any additional questions, please consult your tax advisor. 

Will I receive an acknowledgment letter for my tax records?

Acknowledgment letters and tax receipts will begin mailing the week following the Virtual Beastly Ball. Please allow for up to 2–3 weeks for processing. If you would like to request the acknowledgment by email, please contact Natalie Poveda at [email protected].