Western Lowland Gorilla

Gorillas are the largest, most powerful of the great apes, a primate group that also includes chimpanzees, bonobos, and orangutans.

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Member Tours

New this summer! Member tours during the week. These exclusive tours will have you seeing the Zoo in a whole new way. Advance registration is required for all tours, which are free to GLAZA members at all levels.

A child with curly brown hair looks down and pats wet sand in a metal tin with one hand and holds a silver ladle in the other hand, with two more children crouching down and an adult caregiver sitting nearby.

June 25

Family Nature Club

Family Nature Club is back – and, in partnership with L.A. Department of Recreation & Parks, we’re exploring beyond the Zoo! Join us for FREE nature play on select Saturday mornings.

Zoo Friday Nights 2022

July 8

Zoo Friday Nights 2022

It’s all of the fun with less of the sun! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to explore the Zoo on a beautiful summer evening. You might even make some interesting discoveries about what your favorite animals get up to during twilight hours. Featuring musical performances, family-friendly games, interactive education stations, and more.

Our Mission:
Saving Wildlife

From the daily care of animals to educating and inspiring communities to leading species-saving efforts in far-off lands, everything we do has a single unifying goal: to help create a better future for wildlife.